Social Media Pages Failing to GrowThere are likely more stagnant and abandoned Social Media profiles than there are successful ones. This is due to misconceptions and pre-conceived notions that companies have on Social Media. Below we’ll list and break down the most common reasons why Social Media pages fail to grow.

Your Content Marketing is Not Goal-Oriented

Don’t post just for the sake of posting! There should be a defined strategy for using Social Media and an objective (or reason) for creating each post. Each piece of content should be meant to accomplish a specific goal, whether it’s to make a sale, inform of an event, raise brand awareness, engage users, etc.

You’re Not Crafting Content for Your Audience

It’s important to not just consider your intended audience, but revolve your content around them. If your audience does not find your content useful, they will not pay attention, you will not generate website traffic, and your goals will suffer. Your content should speak to them directly and invoke emotions that lead to action. Remember that you’re creating content for your audience, so always keep their interests in mind.

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Your Content Isn’t Sharable

For cost-effective growth, content should be made to be shared. This allows for a larger audience without the need to advertise. In addition to more impressions, the number of shares and other forms of engagement will indicate the effectiveness of your content, which can hint at adjustments you can make to improve over time.

Branding/Messaging Strategy is Inconsistent

Consistent and cohesive Branding and Messaging Strategies are among some of the most overlooked elements among beginners. Your customers seek familiarity and need to trust you enough to recommend you to friends or colleagues. When messaging lacks transparency you create doubt and when your branding lacks an identity you lose followers.

You’re Promoting Yourself Too Much

This is arguably the most common mistake smaller brands make, as there is a misconception that it’s easy to generate sales on Social Media. Brands make the mistake of overloading their material with promotions and other forms of sales content, which defeats the purpose of utilizing Social Media.

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Be social, don’t be sales-y. Successful Social Media is about helping and sharing with your audience. Sharing helpful content, examples of your corporate culture, and humorous/insightful pieces are all ways to promote and share your brand’s story. When prospects know your story, they will trust you and want to see your content.

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