People are ever hopeful. We order ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes from infomercials and buy ‘Powerball’ lotto tickets when the payout is in the multimillions. We dream of overnight success even though we know better. We also like games. Playing to win is exhilarating, but developing a winning strategy is essential.

However, the ways we entertain ourselves and how we approach an SEO campaign are not mutually inclusive. Too many Internet Marketing firms ‘play around’ with SEO techniques and practices recklessly. Client site rankings may suffer as a result of their inexperience and rush to implement useless campaigns.

Ancient History

Misguided SEO takes many forms. One of the worst is surfing the net for new techniques and trends to try. For one thing, an article may have been originally posted years ago. Since then its content has been ‘jacked’ by successive bloggers. The article’s date is current but its content is stale and no longer valid in assisting sites to rank well on search engine results pages (SERPs).

No Pot of Gold

Another bad habit is playing the ‘optimization game’. Some SEO specialists are known as ‘algo chasers.’ They mistakenly believe that search engine ranking formulas (algorithms) can be figured out and used to their client site’s ranking advantage. What they are not aware of is the fact that these ranking formulas contain hundreds of signals. These must work in tandem in order to achieve results. Extracting one or two signals will not benefit anyone’s website or earn them higher rankings on the search engines. In short: they‘re wasting their time and their client’s money.

Trend Backward

Trends = fads. Fads do not have staying power that will support a website and prevent permanent loss of rankings during algorithm fluctuations. Some trends actually do work for a while but as more and more users implement these tactics, they stop working altogether. What usually happens is that the affected sites will lose their artificially supported rankings.

Big Bad Engines

There is also a mythology that search engines are out to ‘get’ the Internet Marketing industry. And that is the purpose behind their frequent ranking formula changes. Actually, the opposite is true. Google, for example, employs quality raters to ensure that search engine results are useful- to their users. Indirectly they reward SEO professionals who understand what their users want first and then identify and implement the means to provide that experience to their users.

Who to Trust?

Hire a professional agency that employs best SEO practices and sound techniques to assist your business to achieve its online goals. Active Web Group specializes in providing a quality user experience for its clients’ websites. AWG develops sites for site visitors, their target audience, not just for search engines. If you are tired of playing SEO games, why not give AWG a call?

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