Be the jellyfish that stands out.Recently I had the pleasure of visiting Seattle Washington for the first time. A truly wonderful place, full of great people and incredible food (even if you’re like me and only lukewarm on salmon). Having searched out and enjoyed all of the typical tourist destinations, I finally indulged in a guilty pleasure of mine, the aquarium. Not sure why they hold such great fascination to me, but I try to hit the aquarium in any major city I find myself.

That compelling background behind us, I can get to the point of this post. I stumbled upon a beautiful tubular, large glass tank containing what seemed like thousands of identical jellyfish.

With one exception…

There seemed to be one of these jellyfish that, for some unknown reason, my eye was continually drawn. I’m not sure on what level I connected to this jellyfish, but it was unmistakable the way my attention seemed attracted to that specific creature. It looked no different. We didn’t have a conversation. Not sure if that jellyfish had any great talents beyond the others, but if all of those jellyfish were vying for attention, that one particular one came up first on my attention Google search.

It got me to thinking about the talented people I have working here with me and what our primary objective is as SEO experts. We need to work behind the scenes to make you the jellyfish that stands out among all the others in the gigantic tank we call the Internet. Your customers may not understand why you are high in the search rankings, just like I didn’t know if that jellyfish made a killer strudel or did a spot on Jerry Seinfeld impression. It didn’t matter. The only thing that does is where my attention (read as ”Your customers dollars”) gets drawn.

Find and hire a great SEO agency and stick out in your own tank.

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