When your website is your only business presence it is even more important to ensure that your website is fully optimized. This article is the first in a series discussing aspects of site optimization and what Active Web Group can do to help your site to gain traction in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). One of the aspects of a website that will impact it’s rankings and must be inspected is a site’s link structure.

URL structure is dependent on having key components in the correct placeA website’s url structure is crucial to a website’s performance

The structure of a website’s front-end URLs is what allows users and search engine crawlers to locate a website. Often times, website URLs are overlooked during the development phase and are left as a post-production point. This inadvertently leads to URL strings like:

A URL string like the above example acts as a stop for a webcrawler and masks any URL of its like on a site. If a webpage cannot be found, it will remain unindexed by search engines and out of the public eye. Other causes for unindexed URLs are improper menu/navigation structure, very deep linking, and unlinked landing pages.

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Ensure your site gets indexed

Active Web Group (AWG) knows that in order to affect a higher ROI and conversion rate, it usually comes down to making small changes to an existing site. Our experienced digital marketing team will go through your website and ensure that it’s linking structure is applicable and easily approachable by users and search engine bots alike.

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If you liked this article, please look forward to the next article in the series: How on and off page factors affect a site’s rankings.