Let’s face it.

We all use Amazon to conveniently buy what we need (and sometimes just want) so we can have it delivered in 2 days without having to get up off the couch. The truth is, we’re not alone. In fact, a whopping 197,000,000 people around the world use Amazon every month.

Like any marketing/advertising professional, or just someone with a good sense of business, you’re likely imagining the opportunities by now.

After all, if all of these people are using Amazon on an almost-daily basis, there has to be room to cash in, right?


If you’re an eCommerce store looking to get more eyes on your inventory, we strongly recommend listing your products on Amazon – especially if you’re not ranking well on Google.

While investing in Amazon is great, you’re leaving a lot on the table by not taking full advantage of the latest SEO practices.

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But for now, let’s talk about all of the benefits of Amazon PPC.

See, you can take the traditional Amazon route, which consists of:

  • listing your product
  • writing and optimizing your product descriptions
  • managing your reviews

I’ll be honest, it’s a long-term game that pays off, but only after you’ve put in the time.

PPC Advertising takes an advertising budget of your choosing and bid on the keywords you think your potential customers will be searching for. 

Then, just like that you can push your products to the top of the search feed and increase your sales by a sizable margin. This is ideal for two main reasons:

  1. Amazon shoppers tend to be loyal due to the low prices, fast shipping, and convenience
  2. For those very reasons, product searches are shifting from Google to Amazon

Not to mention Amazon advertisers typically enjoy a lower CPC (Cost Per Click) vs Google Ads due to lower competition!

The first thing you’ll have to do is start selling on Amazon. Take a look at this extensive guide on becoming an Amazon seller here.

Then if you get stuck at all, feel free to contact our experts for a FREE PPC Advertising Analysis!

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