Although it is popular tool used by business-to-customer (B2C) organizations, social media provides many unique opportunities for business-to-business (B2B) companies. Successful B2B companies need to build relationships, and social media allows them to easily share information.

Social media helps B2B organizations manage their networking and contacts. The scope of a business’ network becomes visible with tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Social networks allow people to see who their contacts know and how they are relevant in the industry. Social networks also connect B2Bs with potential clients through their lists. They create communities based on common interests that, in turn, build strong business relationships.

Social media provides B2B companies with the chance to showcase their strengths and expertise. B2B organizations help businesses improve their structure and value. Companies are able to link valuable informational content using social media. This creates an investment in the customers by educating them and helping them make informed decisions. Showing your customers the value of your expertise before working with them allows them to create realistic expectations and better understand what you have to offer. Informational content is similar to an online resume that shows the company’s strengths.

The cost of B2B services and merchandise is higher than most B2C services. This makes the purchase cycle longer and the risk of failure greater. Establishing trust and a strong working relationship is essential to any sale cycle. However, any relationship requires time and energy to develop. The length of the purchase cycle for B2B companies demands that more time is spent with customers before sales are finalized. Online social networks allow B2B organizations to check in on clients periodically over time, this especially helpful when clients are out of town. Social networks create a more personal touch than brochures and catalogs do.

People prefer to do business with those whom they trust. Personal feelings always play a role in financial decisions. Social networks help customers get to know the people involved in a B2B business. Connecting online builds trust between the clients and companies. This connection between businesses has the ability to sway financial decisions in your favor.

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