An estimated 100,000 new and unique websites are created every 24 hours. These range from individual websites consisting of only a single or few pages, to websites of major corporations encompassing thousands of pages of content. The level of design and features also varies, from limited function to simplistic, easy-to-use features to complex algorithms and programming.

As Internet trends change over time, so too does website design. With many Internet users now familiar with at least one web-based community (Facebook, Twitter, Linked:In, Flickr, etc.) also referred to as Web 2.0, website design has changed drastically to accommodate the new focus on social networking.

Web 2.0 website design encompasses changes in both looks and features. Typically, a strong Web 2.0 website is not necessarily a static website (Web 1.0), but rather comprised of web based applications able to pull and distribute content from multiple sources and update automatically and frequently as new content becomes available. This enables both web designers and users to better improve the web experience and fulfill the need for updated, immediate information.

One of the major benefits of Web 2.0 is the ease and efficiency in which information can be shared amongst millions of users in mere seconds. With a stronger focus on the distribution of information, website design elements have also changed.

More intuitive features are housed within simplistic, clean designs. Websites look sharper, and information is easy to locate without distraction by overuse of graphics of haphazardly placed content.

A common theme has emerged in the majority of Web 2.0 website design styles. A central layout that displays your message clearly leads to greater online visibility. Eliminating the use of columns but adding a separate top section presents a cleaner look and easier navigation tools. Strong logos are also present, reinforcing brand awareness.

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