Hobie Polarized

Hobie Polarized

Hobie Polarized creates stylish performance sunglasses for those with a passion for water sports. Yet despite having a great product, Hobie’s brand wasn’t reaching its full potential. That’s when Active Web Group was brought in and through a combination of services, we not only raised awareness, but we were able to increase their revenue by over 244%.

Edge Electronics

Edge Electronics

A successful, multi-generational, family-run business, Edge Electronics provides telecommunications / networking, military/aerospace, medical, consumer electronics, industrial, and automotive businesses with innovative liquid crystal display (LCD) solutions, electronic components, as well as industrial products used in the maintenance, repair, and operating supply chains.

Thread Check

Thread Check, a leading full-service thread gage company, needed to reach, attract, and convert more prospects. Continuing a successful business relationship that began almost a decade ago, Thread Check, turned to Active Web Group for a viable, scalable new ecommerce solution.

Sabra Dental

As a leader in the dental products industry, Sabra Dental Products turned to Active Web Group seeking a new website and digital marketing strategy. When we first met, Sabra Dental Products found their website obsolete, that it no longer showcased their high quality dental products to their advantage.

Diamond Fasteners

Diamond Fasteners

Diamond Fasteners is the leading provider of industrial quality fasteners in the aerospace industry and the military. Their products range from simple stainless steel screws to complex machined inserts and rings...

Road Cases USA

A staple in the musical instrument, lightning, and electronics ATA travel case industry, Road Cases USA approached Active Web Group with the hopes of increasing their overall sales. Through building custom cases and stocking designer travel cases, Road Cases USA has an archive of high-profile clients including Queen, One Direction, Billy Joel, Nike, Verizon, Nickelodeon, etc., and they also wanted to build their mid-tier business, such as touring bands and traveling shows.

EDP Dental

EDP Dental

Conversions refer to the act of converting website visitors into paying customers. Conversion rates are measured by the percentage of visitors who take a desired action, such as clicking on specific calls-to-action, completing newsletter sign-ups and submitting purchasing forms. To elicit higher sales conversions, businesses must establish trust and engage their customers’ interests. This translates into greater online businesses success.

InVite Health

Invite Health

Invite Health, a leading provider of vitamins and supplements was moving from brick and mortar stores only to E-Commerce and email marketing. At the time of the project inception, they had five stores in the North East...

Light Impressions SEO Case Study

Light Impressions Direct, a multi-million dollar supplier of archival supplies, realized early on that a strong E-Commerce site would allow them to facilitate business, but the company’s first online endeavor fell short of expectations. The majority of traffic to the web site was driven by either branded search, which is people typing their brand name in the search box, or from catalog...


Sherburn is an international supplier of electrical relays for a wide range of applications. While many of us may not have heard of them before, many of the world's largest builders of various products such as Tyco and Teledyne order...

Salon Savings PPC Case Study

At first glance, Salon Savings appears to be just another online drug store, but in actuality, it has transcended the generic online marketplace and become an interactive, informative online shopping environment...