Email marketing can benefit all sizes and types of companies. But, like all types of marketing, certain types of businesses have a real advantage when email marketing as compared to others. Your email marketing strategy still plays the biggest role in how well your email marketing performs, but certain types of companies do have an inherent advantage.

eCommerce companies certainly have an edge when it comes to email marketing. Sales can be tracked without having to rely on customers letting sales people know why they are calling, and sales people do not need to accurately report what marketing materials drove customers to them. That is not to say that because you are not running an eCommerce site that you shouldn’t be email marketing. But, eCommerce companies do benefit the most from (and have the easiest job of) tracking success. Having accurate sales tracking allows you to continually adjust your strategy to maximize the return on your investment.

Repeat customers really make email marketing valuable. The above average ROI (100 to 1 in some cases) that a lot of email marketers love to flaunt, comes from this type of business. If you are in business to retain customers, and especially if you rely upon repeat sales, email marketing may be the best place for you to invest. If your company sells a product or service that is more “one and done,” then email marketing may not be the best place to invest your marketing dollars. Generally speaking, email marketing targets the same people with each campaign. As long as customers had a good experience purchasing from your company, and what you are selling can be sold to someone more than once, email marketing should be a good fit for you.

Strategy may play the biggest role in whether or not email marketing will work for you though. Regardless of company size or type, email marketing is excellent for keeping your brand name in the forefront of people’s minds. Sending email newsletters is also a great way to establish your company as a thought leader. Subscribers are much more likely to read an article that is emailed to them than one that is simply posted online. Showing them that your company is a professional organization by writing articles about subjects they are interested in can only benefit you.

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