no point fingers

Companies that participate in Pay Per Click advertising (often referred to as PPC) often like to put the responsibility of sales on this advertising strategy. This is a common mistake and often results in companies prematurely cancelling their participation with these programs. Pay Per Click is not responsible. People place blame on PPC and shut down their campaigns when they see that they have cost them money and nobody purchased their service or product. PPC is the victim in this equation and I would love to set the record straight.

Pay close attention to my next statement. The job of Pay Per Click advertising is to bring targeted traffic to your website. I cannot make that more clear or stress it enough. The ultimate goal is obviously to increase sales but that’s not the job of PPC. Pay Per Click is a responsible tool that assists in increasing your web visitors. Pretend you have a physical store front. PPC is the guy on the corner holding the sign and when he sees you park your car, he entices you to come inside. The rest is up to you. It is then where your website takes over and either exudes brand awareness or entices your visitor to buy your service or product.

PPC advertising programs are just that, advertising. Just like a magazine ad or a billboard but on a much more fine tuned platform. You must treat it this way if you want to be successful in your ad campaigns. Prior to starting PPC, you should choose what would be the best budget that is comfortable for your company. This is the amount you are willing to pay for advertising your brand and products. Obviously there is so many tactics for managing PPC campaigns in order for them to have a respectable ROI. An understanding that the majority of the time, PPC Management needs patience and a little history to create actionable data for any type of business. Don’t be so quick to point the finger and bail out. If you need help, get an expert’s advice. AWG offers free evaluations.

I must add that every aspect of Internet Marketing has something to do with the other. It is very important if you have a website to understand the reasons for each tactic and ultimately, do something about it if you want to be successful online. Everything from the design of your website, to Search Engine Optimization, to PPC, to website content, all have significant roles and assist your company to reaching the end goal of being successful. Make sure to research and have a knowledgeable understanding of how online advertising strategies work. If you are not Internet savvy, no worries, use a professional Internet Marketing firm to assist you.

PPC advertising is a strategy that has been around for about 10 years and is still going strong today. It holds lots of water in online marketing and I suggest you participate if you want to be a strong Internet company. Just remember, PPC is a great and successful tool and program and if you do it right, it will bring you lots of visitors and success.

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