Facebook MarketingHave you ever wondered why some posts show up on your Facebook newsfeed and not others? It’s not by magic or chance, there’s an algorithm that determines what you see. It’s important to understand newsfeed algorithms if you want to get the most out of Facebook Marketing.

Facebook (like many social media platforms) no longer shows newsfeed content in chronological order. As a result, users don’t see all posts from people/pages they follow. This is because social networks understand that more of their business is moving to mobile devices, where content is consumed differently than desktop.

Let’s compare Facebook in 2008 (when smart phones were less common) to 2018.

When Facebook was used mostly on desktop, users would be logged in for extended periods of time. More time spent on Facebook gave advertisers more opportunities to reach their audiences. Facebook would encourage longer sessions by adding games, quizzes and other apps that kept users entertained.

In 2018 users are on Facebook in much smaller chunks of time. Hour-long Facebook binges are now condensed into brief phone checks throughout the day.

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Why is this?

1. Easy Access

People have access to Facebook everywhere they go, so there is no need to binge content. More access makes it easier and more convenient for busy people to get their content in smaller doses.

2. Shorter Attention Spans

Mobile devices encourage much shorter attention spans. People are less likely to spend extended periods of time on a single app. Their fast and easy nature is why apps work so much better on mobile.

3. Tech Culture

Technology has become part of our daily lives and checking social media is now a ritual for many. Whether you’re waiting for a train, on your lunch break, or avoiding an awkward situation, people look to their phones for comfort and entertainment.

4. Competition

Unsatisfied users will leave one social network app for a competitor’s, so social networks want to avoid boring users.

5. Enhanced Capability

Mobile devices offer more than desktops/laptops. So Facebook isn’t just competing with other social networks and content providers, but text messages, phone calls, etc.

So what does this all come down to?

Social networks are adapting to mobile behavior. Because users are breaking up their sessions, social networks are looking to make the most of every second. This means getting user’s attention and keeping it for as long as possible.

The solution?

Organize newsfeeds to show content users will most likely engage with and extend usage periods. Users are more likely to stay logged in if they are interested in the first/last thing they see.

In short, Facebook’s algorithm determines “relevance” by predicting engagement likeliness, based on users’ past behaviors.

This is why content is king.

Always focus on creating and publishing higher quality content to make sure it’s resonating with people, rather than publishing more content that will be ignored.

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