Content is king when it comes to ongoing digital marketing. The quality and the quantity in which you are outputting both articles, page updates, and media is vital to a 360° digital marketing strategy.

Blogs & Articles

Articles and blogs should be written on an ongoing basis as it is key to building traffic toward your website. This content should be consist of at least three cohesive paragraphs and include a sales or networking opportunity. Consider the vantage point of your target market when building your tone and getting your message across. What is most important is consistency. Two well-structured articles per month timed out according to a strict schedule is best.

Don’t write articles and blogs just to add to your website. Optimizing content with proper SEO elements is key. Over time, with proper keyword placement from initial research you will begin to dominate the search results. The goal here is to build real organic traffic to your website from search results. This content is part of a broad plan to help you achieve that.

Just remember, it’s a marathon not a sprint. Making an impact in the search results takes time and again- consistency. Owning the first page of search engines (Google, MSN, Bing) will take a diligent strategy built out over time. However, once your organic content efforts begin to convert into sales the time put forth will be well worth it.

Website Updates

Along with building consistent content, continual updates to the main pages within your website is key to success. Search engines prioritize continually updated, fresh websites over older content. Make plans to continually review both the top-performing pages by pageview and the lower performing pages for edits. At a minimum, this review should be done quarterly.

When reviewing and making changes, be sure not to simply delete and start fresh. You want to make sure you are reviewing what you are ranking for on each page. A rock start digital marketing strategist or team should easily be able to determine a proper plan of attack here. Once content is indexed and ranking, making abrupt changes without real-time data is a mistake made too often.

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Social Media

Similar to your website, content should be continually updated in a timely fashion. Maintaining a cohesive posting schedule gets your message across and the appropriate times your target marketing best engages with it. Leveraging content developed in blogs and on-page is a great way to bring users to your site. Images and video content should be pre-planned as much as possible.

Posting every single day might not be necessary for every business model. Again, knowing when your target marketing is most likely to engage with your media is what is most important. 10-12 posts consistently funneled to your website is a great starting position. Just remember, the goal is to get users out of social media channels and onto your website. This will best ensure friends/fans ring your phone and fill out your forms.

Finding time to continually update your web presence is a daunting task and a job within itself. Active Web Group has a team of dedicated professionals who can alleviate this burden and bring your digital presence to the next level.

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