An eCommerce store has the potential to increase sales exponentially, but simply having a well-built, appealing online marketplace on the Web won’t automatically have thousands of customers visiting your site and purchasing products or services.

On the Internet, competition abounds, and your eCommerce website is just one of hundreds of thousands, doomed to be lost amidst a sea of online stores clamoring for attention. Online marketing is the key to making your website easier to find and attracting customers to your online store.

There are a number of online marketing solutions available, and thankfully, many of them are both cost-efficient and highly effective when done by experienced professionals. There are also many methods you can handle yourself, without the expenditure of a single dollar. All it takes is a bit of time on your part.

Online Marketing Solutions for eCommerce Websites

Perhaps the most important factor improving the chances of success for an eCommerce site is searchability. A high ranking on search engines gets you noticed faster and more often than the sites of your competitors. To achieve a high ranking, you can utilize either Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which produces what is known as “organic” results, and search engine marketing such as Pay Per Click (PPC), which achieves what is referred to as “paid” results. and Pay Per Ranking (PPR), which is a specialized SEO technique.

SEO Marketing works by integrating targeted keywords and keyphrases within the content of your website to enable search engines to better understand the relevance of the content of your site to specific targeted search terms.

PPC marketing is a type of online advertising, also utilizing relevant keywords. When a search is conducted related to your keywords, a sponsored ad link will appear alongside organic search results. People who click on the ad will be taken to your website or the landing page you’ve designated, and you will a pay a small fee for the click.

The combination of SEO and PPC can be an extremely powerful and effective marketing campaign.

Pay-Per-Ranking is an innovative, cost effective Search Engine Optimization service developed by Active Web Group that allows a business to gauge their online web presence and cut down on their marketing expenses that only requires them to pay for results. Pay-Per-Ranking® is an extremely attractive marketing strategy for businesses seeking good search engine rankings within the search engine result pages.

Social Networking for eCommerce Websites

Creating accounts on popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Linked:In is a great way to increase brand awareness and online visibility, as well as attract new customers to your eCommerce store. But you must be prepared to devote an ample amount of time engaging with others and providing interesting content. Provided you have the time, you can handle this yourself and it will cost you nothing, or you can retain the services of an online marketing agency skilled in social network marketing, such as Active Web Group.

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