The right eCommerce keywords will have an important impact on a business and exponentially increase ROI. The two types of keywords are head terms and tail terms. Head terms are broad search terms that drive traffic. Tail terms are for more narrow searches, and do not drive the same amount of traffic to a website. However, their conversion rate increases profit. Tail terms are often better eCommerce keywords than head terms.

Finding the most effective keywords demands thorough understanding of the target market and keywords that brand the product. The marketing strategy already in place should guide the keywords that you choose. You should already know the demographic that makes up your customer base. Define your keywords based on this information. For example, younger shoppers use short, concise searches while older customers typically type in questions.

Consider how location plays into your marketing and choose keywords accordingly. Location may not matter quite as much to national businesses. A local businesses, on the other hand, needs to take advantage of local key words. For example, “handmade jewelry New York” will bring more potential customers to the site than “handmade jewelry” would.

Once the types of eCommerce key words have been narrowed down, research the different search terms that people are using. There are different research tools available, and several of them are free. Google research tools include Google Keyword, Google Insights, Google Wonder Wheel and Spyfu. The metrics that the research tools provide will show which of the potential eCommerce keywords are being used already. The list that you come up with after using the research tools may seem overwhelming. An Excel spreadsheet can help sift through the information. List the keywords according to the search volume and the potential for conversation and potential sales. The ranking method can be as complex or simple as you want. Focused search terms provide more opportunities for conversations that generate sales. Rank them according to how effective they will be. Once the eCommerce keywords are chosen monitor them for effectiveness. Switch out keywords and change the ranking on the spreadsheet according to the research you gather.

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