eCommerce success relies upon two critical factors: getting people to your website and turning those visits into sales. In online marketing terms, this is known as a click conversion or a conversion rate. A high conversion rate means increased profits, as well as increased brand awareness and online visibility.

  1. Utilize analytics.
    If you are suitably experienced with online marketing solutions and strategies, then you probably know how to use analytics as well, such as Google analytics. If not, then your online marketing agency should be using it. Analytics can tell you which pages of your website work best and which don’t, where visitors may be coming from, how long they spend on your website, and from which pages they leave from. Such critical information can go a long way towards further optimizing your website for increased ROI.
  2. Test Alternate Versions of Online Marketing Campaigns
    Many eCommerce websites use a combination of PPC ads, email marketing, and landing pages for their online marketing, but many fail to test alternate versions. When creating a PPC or landing page, you might want to try an alternate version and initiate both at the same time. This will enable you to better determine what works and what doesn’t, and will also save you time that may have been lost waiting to see positive results of a rather ineffective campaign.
  3. Learn by Leading Products
    Your eCommerce website is bound to have some products that sell better than others. Have you ever taken the time to examine why? Ignoring the obvious, such as a popular or new product, examine the details of leading products that don’t seem to offer any clear explanation as to why they do so well. The answer is probably in the details, such as the descriptive content, pictures, keywords, benefits, etc. Try to emulate this same formula on the pages for your other products.
  4. Promote, promote, promote…
    Online marketing definitely serves a purpose, but general promotion techniques can also go along way towards increasing sales. Promote new products with press releases, and the remainder of your inventory with contests, special sales and discounts, freebies, and other offers befitting of your eCommerce website.
  5. See What the Competitors are Doing
    Always, always, always be aware of the competition and what they are doing. Be aware of their own marketing as best you can. Get on their mailing list so you can see what types of sales and promotions they might be running. Don’t be afraid to be a copycat if it looks like it might be profitable. The Internet can be a harsh place for eCommerce. You can be doing well one week, and then sales can take a nosedive the next week if a competitor manages to knock you out of the search engine frontrunners with some effective online marketing campaigns.

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