Internet Marketing Strategy: Purchase a Domain Name With Strong Keywords

Let’s assume you own a virus protection software company whose name is Walsh Software. Obviously, the name does little to let new potential customers exactly what it is you create and market, other than the fact that it is some kind of software. Internet users who have never heard of your company will not be searching for it on the web. However, there are thousands that will certainly be search for “virus protection software.”

If you corporate website contains quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content, then it is possible that your website will appear in a decent position amongst the results of the search engine query. But if you purchase a keyword rich domain name, you vastly increase your chances of being discovered, and the cost is often minimal.

In regards to the sample company above, if you were able to purchase the domain, it is extremely likely that this particular domain would soon be the first result to appear in response to the search term “virus protection software.” Adding a bit of content utilizing those same keywords will further strengthen your Internet rankings and visibility, and providing a link on the page enables visitors to this domain to discover your corporate website.

If you are seeking to buy a domain name that relates to a niche market, such as, then it is likely that the domain name might not exist, and could cost you as little as $10. But a commonly used search expression such as “virus protection software” is likely to already be owned by either a competitor or an individual whose business consists of purchasing domain names and then selling them at high prices to those who desperately want them.

Some businesses also purchase many similar domain names that relate to their own business in order to keep competitors from claiming them in the future.

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