Here’s How:

At Active Web Group, our team strives to develop long-term client relationships built on trust- and knows that your trust must be earned every day. That is why we speak of ‘partnering’ from the time we first meet as prospects, to foster a spirit of cooperation that supports the campaigns we customize just for your business. Partnering also means teamplay. This is especially true as we begin our alliance, as it is most important that we learn about your business from you, not just from the internet, and not only from reviewing your competitors’ sites. This posting covers our process, and why compliance is vital to ensure an optimal outcome -the increased success of your online enterprise.

In the Beginning…

At the onset, we ask a lot of questions. We’re not Digital Marketing rookies, but new to understanding your unique business. And we want to major in it. Our team does not want to waste your time, either. Consider these questions and the completeness of your responses, as the bricks we’ll use to lay the foundation for the successful, highly-targeted marketing campaigns that follow.

Ditto approvals. Organization is a critical component of our marketing efforts. For example, after we speak on the phone, a recap including any agreements or changes proposed in our convo will be emailed for your confirmation. Please take a moment to respond. Keeping accurate records of all agreements, changes, and confirmations will document and further solidify our partnership. Help us help us both!

About Ad Budgets…your AWG team wants to do everything we can to market your business, but what limits us both may be a budget that is not in line with reasonable expectations. One way to overcome this issue is to resolve to increase your spending based on the gains realized through our campaigns. Translation: we perform the maximum initiatives your budget allows, then as you see growth, consider upping the ante to potentially see more positive results faster than before.


Above I’ve spoken about customized campaigns. Whatever Digital Marketing services you opt for, Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing, Social Media, Web Design and Development, we want to craft the best marketing strategies, and to be as accountable as possible. This means we want to track the right metrics. Monthly or quarterly, you’ll receive reports, a checkup on the health of your online asset. We’re not just trying to validate our worth here, instead, we’re gauging the success of our efforts so that our initiatives provide optimal value for your business as we assist you to achieve your stated business goals.


  • Know us well: we aim to become part of your team, not detract from your business’ internal functions, roles, or personnel.
  • Be upfront with us about any and all marketing initiatives outside of the services we provide. These efforts include mailers, sales within certain regions or territories, etc. This way we can dovetail our initiatives to present consumers with a united front that reaps the maximum ROI for your business.
  • Speaking of ROI, please understand that we recommend additional Digital Marketing strategies to reduce the Cost of Acquisition (COA) and to further increase your ROI. When you win, we win.
  • Solid results take time. It is understandable to want to see an immediate return on your investment, however, results such as organic (SEO) take time to develop. One reason why we cannot provide finite timelines is those frequent, unannounced search engine algorithm changes that can impact even solid campaigns from our seasoned agency. Take away here: results take time but are worth the wait.
  • Optimization efforts must be continuous to be fully effective. Momentum is built up over time, but once a campaign is halted, even temporarily, once restarted it will take time to rebuild and grow.

Active Web Group, a leading Digital Marketing Agency headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, assists small to mid-sized U.S. businesses in a wide range of industries to realize their online objectives. Well established and well-regarded, the majority of our managers and their teams have been with us for a decade or more. We are always accessible to our clients to answer their questions or to discuss any concerns they may have. In fact, every client has a proprietary and responsive point-of-contact for outreach as scheduled and as needed.

Speak to us about forming a business alliance that takes yours to the next level. Submit our form, or call to schedule a confidential consultation with us at (800) 978-3417 today!