The world of Internet Marketing can be a confusing place for the uninitiated or those relatively new to the Internet itself. But if you wish to attract customers to your website, you need to stop treading water in cyberspace and jump in headfirst to discover the benefits of commonly used online marketing solutions.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

One of the most widely used methods of attracting visitors to your website is called Pay-Per-Click. This is also more commonly referred to as PPC. With Pay-Per-Click, you create targeted keyword ads. These are short ads consisting of a short headline and 1-2 lines of copy, and a link.


The headline and the copy below it should integrate the best keywords possible that will attract visitors to click on the link, as well as align properly with search engine queries by Internet users.

For example, a Pay-Per-Click ad might look like this:

New YA Fantasy Novel on Kindle

Download the 1st 3 chapters free.

Fantasy Novel Only $4.99 on Kindle

The keywords in this ad are “Fantasy novel” and “Kindle.” When individuals search Yahoo, Google, or another search engine for “fantasy novels on the Kindle,” this ad is likely to appear in the sidebar of the search results.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

It costs you nothing to create the ad and have it appear in search results. However, when users click the link in your ad, you will incur a cost. The amount is known as Cost Per Click (CPC) and will vary according to how much you are willing to pay for an ad that utilizes specific keywords. For example “fantasy novel” is likely to be used in a large amount of ads by competitors, and so you would need to place a higher bid on the keywords. This means you are willing to pay more than your competitors each time someone clicks on your ad; it also means your ad will likely appear more often than those of your competitors, and in a better position.

Cost Per Thousand (CPM)

This is another method of payment utilized with PPC ads. It essentially means that you will pay a flat fee for every thousand impressions. An impression is the instance of your ad being shown alongside a search result, regardless of whether it is clicked on or not.

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