Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is one of the best ways to get fast, targeted traffic to a website or blog. Whether you’re selling medical supplies or handmade quilts, PPC ads can have your website selling products in under an hour. While there are a lot of advantages to having PPC ads displayed, there are a few factors that can easily dissuade potential customers and your ad ranking in the search engines. Here are a few tips that you must abide by when you are researching and implementing your PPC ad campaigns.

Quality Score

The quality score is one of the biggest determining factors for all PPC accounts. In the before-time, there was no quality score. This allowed blackhat marketers to stuff their ads with hundred of keywords. Now that Google and other ad networks are taking a hold of PPC, the quality score matters a lot. For best results with your quality score, use about 10-15 keywords for every ad campaign. This will keep your ads concise and bring in the relevant traffic that is needed to maintain a great quality score.

Bid On Your Own Brand

There are a lot of websites and companies that forget this one. Brand names are big business in PPC. If you bid on your own brand name you will be able to sell your own products to the full commission. If you do not bid on your own brand name you might be paying an affiliate for money that you should have earned yourself. This will also deter your competitors from bidding on your brand name in order to boost their own products. Never let a competitor or an affiliate outbid you for your own brand name. This is like allowing them to steal profits and conversions away from you.

Use Tracking Software

Tracking software is there for a reason. When you track your conversions you will be able to see what is working and what is not working. Say you have a keyword that has not performed at all over the last three months. Tracking software will allow you to remove that keyword from your campaign and use the funds for a new keyword or a proven contender. Google and other ad networks offer free conversion tracking software packages so use them to your advantage.

Mix Up Your Ad Copy

Ad copy is the heart of your PPC campaign. Using the same ad copy over and over again can get tired and stale. This also puts the same copy in front of the same customers over and over again. By mixing up your ad copy you will be able to give your audience a variety. Use the features of the product or service as an advantage for writing copy. Use your copy to sell a “problem solver.” This means that when a keyword or keyphrase is used you can solve the searcher’s problem with your service or product. This is an effective means of building a client base and building your brand online.

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  1. Alan says:

    I think ‘relevancy’ is the part of Quality Score which I think is most often overlooked (probably because it isn’t as tangible as a CTR statistic). After carrying out some analysis on the relevancy of PPC ads, even with the increased competition on Google over the years, I still think there are massive opportunities for all PPC advertisers to improve the relevancy of their ads and boost their Quality Scores and conversion rates: