Time passes as we all know, and things change sometimes faster than we’re all comfortable with. 100 years ago, branding was accomplished by billboards, print ads in newspapers and advertisements in retail locations. Eventually, TV sets came out and opened up a whole new world of advertising. Roughly 20 years ago, the Internet popped into existence for the majority of the world and advertising (marketing) changed yet again, this time allowing a marketplace and exchange of information in a digital world.

If we sell something online, let’s say, for example, we sell baby clothing through an eCommerce site. A woman who is 5 months pregnant is going onto the Internet and searching for ‘newborn baby clothing’. On the first page of search results, she finds a page linking to a category on our site. If we have a proper branding strategy, we can make sure that the next time she comes across our site, she remembers it, and sticks in her head. How can we do this? There are many ways.

  1. Be consistent and don’t use variations of your logo or color schemes — this will just confuse people.
  2. Use similar types of design themes across your website, any and all print materials, business cards, and definitely across social media outlets such as Facebook.
  3. Don’t be afraid to try new things. For our site, maybe having a cartoon baby that points things out on the website can be a cool and trendy way to highlight certain site features, such as a newsletter sign up. You can have the baby pointing and saying “Goo-Goo Ga-Ga – That means put your email address in here for weekly coupon codes for our sales”
  4. Use remarketing banners through Google to remind people about a product, service, sale or special. Use them to highlight coupon codes or push out sales on items you want to liquidate. The people that would see these banners have already visited your website, so they should start to remember your brand.
  5. Make sure you use abandoned cart emails. We’ve found that 28% of orders can be completed with properly timed notifications or even coupon codes on second and third messages.

The above are just a few ways that you can work towards creating your digital brand. The value of creating and constantly investing time and dollars to build your assets cannot be overestimated. An online eCommerce store and branding go hand in hand.