With the recent housing market crash looming not really that far behind us, and the unsettling stock market that so many people lost their shirts on, you have to wonder or ask yourself where you should be putting your money, and what is a good solid investment?

I can’t advise you on how good an investment in Stocks or Bonds may be – but historically the stock market as a whole, is not stable enough to count on for retirement or to provide for your family. If you pick a 20 year time frame, let’s say 1928 – 1948, you would have seen an average of 2.5% over the next 20 years. If you had picked the late 50’s you would have seen an average of 5% or a little bit more. The most important thing is longevity in investing is the most important thing, and most people don’t have that kind of time in the world we live in.

I can advise you this much, if you own your own business, and you sell something tangible such as Designer Eyeglasses for instance, an investment in your business will almost always make sense. Let’s say you have a website store that sells these Eyeglasses, in addition to retail locations you may have scattered around your area. Having a properly designed eCommerce online presence with all the bells and whistles in your shopping cart, can be a source of revenue for you that just may surprise you. (You’d be surprised how many retail chains on long island alone, don’t do it as well as they can). Many times, people who have retail locations, will have put up a website years ago, and just not paid any attention to it. Their retail business has grown, but because their website has not, they don’t pay it any mind. If you are trying to think about what kind of investment might be good for your retirement, I will tell you to invest and make sure you have the best eCommerce solution that you can have. I can assure you, that if you are selling a tangible product, have good customer service, and you market yourself well, such as through Search Engine Optimization, that you will look back in a few years, and be very glad you made the investment. It is rare to come across a business online that is doing it 100% right. Many times there are always at least small changes, that can make a big difference in your annual sales over time.

If you advertise your ‘new and improved’ eCommerce website correctly within your store, and receipts, and through your windows and other marketing efforts, you could really take the ball and run with it.

We have an SEO ROI calculator, just like they have on financial websites to calculate what your money could be in the future, well ours will show you what your money can do for you today.

What do I think the best investment to be? The best investment is to spend the right amount of money in your business, regardless of what type of business you have, or are selling and chances are I can promise you, that some type of Internet Marketing would make very good sense for you. SEO services, in conjunction with the branding you would already have going on, would have almost a snow-ball effect and it could very much grow in your favor if done right.

I say, the best investment is to invest back in your original idea, market yourself and your products correctly, and make sure you hire the correct people to help you implement your ideas to fruition.

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