Jeff and Designers Team

“The Office Triathlon of Fun… and Trust”, hosted by Long Island Digital Agency, Active Web Group has just ended, and the final results are in! But before we get to the final scoring, let’s get a quick recap – 

After picking their names out of a hat at random, Active Web Group’s contestants were designated into four teams. The four teams – Minions that Say Papaya, Jeff and the Designers, Team Three & Occasionally Mike Perna or Sung, and Dream Team were introduced, allowing the torch to be lit and the games to begin.

The intense three-week affair consisted of three events that pushed everyone to their limits… of trust. The first event was “two truths and a lie”, a true test of cognitive capacity in which teams had to forge two truths and a lie about themselves and get their teammates to recall them, all while stumping the opposing competitors.

The second event proved to be even more treacherous than the first. It was an office scavenger hunt. Just a few of the mandatory items to be found were magazines in the waiting lounge, exactly 27 cents, and an expo marker. The final challenge was to complete a math problem in the conference room, a problem that deemed itself too challenging for some of the contestants.

For the record, here’s the problem: “Replace x with the correct math symbol to make the expression true: 18 x 12 x 4 x 5 x = 59”

Dream Team made a historic comeback, beating Jeff and the Designers by a mere 0.38 seconds. This event earned Dream Team 40 points, propelling them to a first place lead!

Minions Papaya Team

The third and final event was no challenge for the weak. For the final event – the deciding factor of who would be victorious, each team had to work together and build an architectural structure from 20 raw spaghetti strands, 8 inches of string, two feet of masking tape, a pair of scissors, and a marshmallow. Each team was allotted 18 minutes to construct a building with a marshmallow on top, the marshmallow that reached the highest peak, without any help staying up won! Team three & Occasionally Mike Perna or Sung came out with a spectacular victory, earning them 50 points. The final 50 points won Team Three & Occasionally Mike Perna or Sung the battle and the war, here are the final results:

1st Place: Team Three & Occasionally Mike Perna or Sung – 92 points

2nd Place: Dream Team – 53 points

3rd Place: Jeff and the Designers – 49 points

4th Place: Minions that say Papaya – 46 points

Despite Team Three & Occasionally Mike Perna or Sung’s success, the other teams declared that the battle is over, but the war is in fact is not, suggesting there will be more action to come. Stay tuned for more!

The Dream Team

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