Active Web Group to Expand its Successful Conversion Rate Optimization Services to Online Businesses

Hauppauge, NY, May 18, 2016: Active Web Group, a leading digital agency and Long Island Web Development company headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, today announced its plans to expand its highly-successful Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) services to a wider B2B and B2C sector audience both locally and nationwide.

Beginning with a complimentary consultation, the firm will address a decision-makers’ site by reviewing their current Branding, Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization, Email, and Social Media initiatives. AWG’s team will provide a comprehensive site evaluation in a report that makes suggestions as to how an effective, customized CRO campaign will assist the firm to achieve its online goals, and detail how those initiatives will be implemented.

“As a full-service digital agency, our customized CRO campaigns have brought about remarkable success and goals achievement for our clients,” notes Michele Gray, Chief Operating Officer, Active Web Group. “However, we also found that many businesses are not aware of the value of Conversion Optimization, or think that the practice is for Fortune 500 firms only,” she adds. “Our present CRO initiative will provide a catalyst that small to medium sized businesses require to fully achieve and to expand their online business goals,” Gray concludes.

“Conversion Optimization initiatives, including landing pages and informative content, can make the difference between attracting site visitors, and attracting site visitors who convert,” notes Lisa Giosi, Brand and Social Media Manager, Active Web Group. “The AWG team has extensive experience in fully optimizing our clients’ websites, then creating customized and scalable CRO campaigns drawing from our full line of services. It is this ongoing and fully accountable attention to detail that assists our clients to achieve their online milestones and goals,” Giosi concludes.

A comprehensive CRO Analysis is available to interested business leaders without cost through Active Web Group. For further information and a confidential consultation, please call (800) 978-3417.

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