Digital Marketing Agency vs. Subscription ServiceEvery small business owner looks for value in exchange for their money. But not every business decision should be based only on the price for the services that are offered. When you’re deciding between hiring a full-service digital marketing agency or a subscription service for the expertise to achieve your goals, it’s easy to get caught up in tempting offers from the latter. These firms provide packaged plans that tell you exactly what you’ll get every month and their prices are often hard to resist.

That is also exactly what is wrong with having a subscription service provide your digital marketing needs. Just as your business is unique, the approach to charting a course for its success must be both customized and flexible. For example, some businesses are more competitive than others; some small enterprises are seasonal, and others have been in business for a while but need to rise to the next level. Why would you want to limit your company’s growth to a rigid plan that does not allow for fluctuations both in your industry and on the internet?

Another fact about subscription services. These companies charge less for their packages because their employees are either freelancers or remote workers in other countries with little or no commitment to the clients. What happens when you see that your sales and/or leads are down and need answers and a solution right away? Who can you talk to and depend on to fix your problem? As you can see, a subscription service falls short when there are issues or questions to resolve.

When You Have Problems, Know Who to Call

What is the affordable solution to allow your small business to grow? Establish a long-term business relationship with a reputable full-service digital marketing agency. With the internet growing exponentially every day, competition for online businesses also increases daily. Full-service agencies are equipped with experts in several online disciplines such as Pay-Per-Click, Email Marketing, Web Design and Web Development, Social Media Management and Search Engine Optimization– all the tools businesses require to stay competitive and gain market share.

In addition should a specialized need arise such as Online Reputation Management to protect your firm’s good name and revenues, or Remarketing to capture the attention and the spend for site visitors who did not make purchases, a full-service Digital Marketing Agency can swiftly implement a customized plan to get your business and your brand back on course.

The number one reason that a digital agency is better than a subscription service is the personal attention. There is nothing cookie cutter about your business, right? So why would you opt for a menu where you pick ‘one from column A and two from column B’? There is a reason that many former digital marketing agencies that used to charge by the hour or by the project have opted for the Subscription route instead it is easier for them to make money. In this scenario, whose bottom line are they thinking about here?

Work With The Pros

For online marketing it is not so much a matter of “you get what you pay for.” Instead, when making an important business decision, it is far more important not to be “penny wise and pound foolish.” In other words, the cheapest option is not always the best. For most small businesses especially, remaining solvent as well as growing to the next level is a struggle, one that needs to be addressed daily. Can a one-size fits most campaign do that? Not likely. And when you have questions or are concerned about metric declines, do you have a dedicated contact person who you can not only reach out to, but have developed a solid business relationship with?

Receiving personal attention and a customized marketing campaign that includes just the right amount of the digital services your enterprise requires matters. For example, if you have opted for a new web design, it is essential that you also have a continuous organic campaign so searchers find your enterprise when they’re looking for the products and services you offer. Is social media or pay per click the best option to further your brand? What about email marketing to promote a new product? When you have questions regarding your online business outcomes do you have a proprietary Account Manager who knows you and your business as your point of contact? As well as a team of seasoned professionals who work in tandem to help your business achieve iits objectives?

It is vitally important to ensure continued business success that for every digital marketing question or concern you have someone you’ve come to know and trust will take the reins and ensure timely answers and/or resolution.‘Know what else matters? Your small business matters to us and to you. When you are ready to explore your options to enable your small online business to grow, give Active Web Group a call. Together we’ll determine what are the right services and initiatives to achieve your company’s objectives now and well into your successful future.