Ethical Search Engine Optimization in my opinion is the only way to do Search Engine Optimization if you sincerely care about your business, your brand and at the end of the day your revenue stream coming into your company. While some of you may know, some may not, there is White Hat SEO, which is Ethical Search Engine Optimization, and there is Black Hat SEO which is doing things the wrong way.Ethical Search Engine Optimization

The important thing to understand about trying to get more targeted traffic to your website is that there is a right way to do things, and a way that is the opposite of that way. The disadvantage of doing things the wrong way, or black hatting as some call it, is just like speeding. You may not get caught today, and maybe not tomorrow, but 100% you will get pulled over and get a ticket. In this case Google is the police car, and the ticket is your website getting banned or blacklisted from Google and other search engines.

SEO works basically on 2 fronts, the way to do ethical Search Engine Optimization is to do on site work, such as title tags, meta tags, setting up proper H1 & H2 tags and your content. The second and very important part is to understand part of the secret formula that Google uses to rank search engines. In essence, they are conducting a polling or a voting system, and this equates to links from other websites, blogs, articles, comments, forums or what have you back to your website. The more targeted the links the better, and the more traffic that the website that is providing the link to you or a higher PR link the better.

The most important thing I think about is that it will say a lot about who you are and how you run your business. If you are willing to cut corners, look for shortcuts and just get to the top without having earned it, well those people will always get themselves in trouble. If you are willing to have patience, put in the time, the research, the on and off page work, and develop a great content development program, then I assure you your ethical Search Engine Optimization strategy and techniques over time, will allow you to have sustainable growth, and help you to accomplish all your business results.

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Ethical Search Engine Optimization