This form of Internet Marketing differs from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as aspects of an SEM campaign are fee-based. Like SEO, Search Engine Marketing promotes websites to increase their online visibility to searchers through the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). SEO is considered organic; it uses techniques such as making adjustments to web page content to achieve higher rankings over time. While an SEM strategy may incorporate SEO initiatives to support its campaign goals, SEM primarily achieves success via paid inclusion initiatives such as Pay-Per-Click and Cost-Per-Click.

Another way to summarize SEO vs SEM initiatives is that SEO integrates organic means to achieve rankings and drive relevant site traffic. For SEM the primary focus is a return on investment (ROI) management using paid means to achieve it. Active Web Group is a renowned search engine marketing company with considerable experience utilizing SEM techniques to assist our clients to increase their business’ ROI.

What is Better for Your Business? SEO or SEM?

The reasons for launching an SEM/SEO campaign depend on the goals and current online business circumstances. For an established brick and mortar firm that is seeking a strong online presence out of the starting gate, a combination of SEM and SEO initiatives is often employed. Over time, organic search is the most potent online strategy as well-optimized websites endure search engine formula changes better than those sites that are not fully optimized. However, a sound organic search structure takes time to build and to maintain. An adept Search Engine Marketing Company such as Active Web Group will evaluate your online business needs and develop a sound strategy charting a course for online success. Our strategies involve proven initiatives that lead to the achievement of your online business goals.

Search Engine Optimization’s organic search initiatives ramp up over time and the benefits are many. For online business owners who need to see results sooner, however, search engine marketing offers website owners a much quicker way to bring in targeted traffic and realize an increased ROI.

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