How many times have you been successful without a little time and effort? I would venture to say not many times. Like most everything else, successful PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are the same, they take time and effort. If you’re not prepared to focus on PPC and put in the time it takes to succeed, then you’re setting yourself up for failure. In my past 7 years of PPC Management I have seen this happen all too often.

Many clients believe once your ads are up and running the sales will just start flooding in. In an ideal world this is what happens but often times this is not the case. It is true that your ads will begin displaying almost immediately and traffic will start clicking through to your website. However, a PPC campaign won’t necessarily have an instant effect. It takes time to find out which keywords work for your business and drive sales/conversions. It requires research and statistical data to find the right combination of keywords, ads etc. Even once these are identified PPC Management still requires a lot of time and effort to get the most for your money.

Be prepared to commit full effort to your PPC campaign by developing a PPC strategy, carving out a keyword niche and tracking your strategy with well defined goals and conversions. Once the campaign has been running for a while use the statistical data to optimize your campaign. Be careful to not fall into the habit of optimizing your campaign without statistical data to back it up. We can all get caught up in wanting to tweak accounts when we really have no data to support these changes. I know as this has happened to me. You want to look at the trends over the course of weeks and months. This means using data from thousands of clicks – not hundreds. Done right, PPC is a long game with great rewards. Rushing decisions is a recipe for failure. Take a deep breath and wait for the data. I know this can be difficult to do, but over time data doesn’t lie and will provide the answers you need to have a successful PPC campaign

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