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Trending Now: Infographics as SEO Content Vehicles

October 4th, 2012

When the gurus of SEO at Google speak, everyone takes notice. Then we try to figure out if the latest SEO trend will serve our clients well. We do not just ‘get on board.’ So hereabouts we are cautiously optimistic about infographics as SEO’s ‘Next Big Thing’ (that is since the last big thing). Operating... Read More Read More »

It’s a Brave New World for SEO

September 7th, 2012

Back in high school when we waded through Brave New World and 1984 did we ever think our lives would be offered instant worldwide access via the Internet? And once it was made available we certainly became comfortable quickly with shopping and conversing online anywhere and at anytime. The only limitation had been the location of one’s desktop or laptop. ‘Not no more! Read More »

Insecure Feeling: Google’s Two-Step Authentication Process

August 24th, 2012

It’s like that joke that nobody gets but no one speaks up and says, “What’s so funny?” Well if you've ever been hacked, you get it. The need for tighter online security measures, that is. While your personal computer may not have been exposed, chances are that your personal information on a third-party database has. To further complicate the issue, when a major retailer’s security has been breached and its database hacked, the infringement may not be announced for some time. Read More »

SEO is Not a Game

August 15th, 2012

People are ever hopeful. We order ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes from infomercials and buy ‘Powerball’ lotto tickets when the payout is in the multimillions. We dream of overnight success even though we know better. We also like games. Playing to win is exhilarating, but developing a winning strategy is essential. However, the ways we entertain... Read More Read More »

Building a Better Website: Think Mobile

July 11th, 2012

Internet Marketing is an industry that evolves constantly. First sites had to be scalable. And for years they have had to be SEO-friendly. Trending now: new sites must be flexible enough to support multiple site formats across different platforms: mobile, tablet, etc. There are numerous ways for mobile users to access your site- a mobile... Read More Read More »

A Tale of Two Paradigms: Panda, Meet Penguin!

May 18th, 2012

About ten months ago online businesses were impacted, some severely, by a search engine algorithm change called ‘Panda.’ On that outing, the major search engines switched up the criteria their spiders and bots use when crawling a website. By reprioritizing what techniques search engines ‘look for’ Panda sought out and penalized sites that search engines perceived to be ‘over optimized’ with ‘spam’ techniques. Read More »

What’s in a Paradigm Shift?

May 1st, 2012

By now most online business owners have heard that the major search engines like to ‘mix it up a bit’ from time to time. This ‘mix up’ is called an ‘algorithm shift.’ One day your keywords are ranking well and seemingly, the next they’re nowhere to be found on the first two pages. What’s going on and what to do Read More »

What’s in a Name? When You Should Consider Reputation Management Services

April 12th, 2012

You’ve read the stories in the newspapers and online news sites. A major company is being panned by any number of sources. These may include disgruntled former employee(s), activist groups, politicians, concerned citizens..in short, anyone. Months later the details of the issue are hazy in everyone’s mind, but you remember that company had an issue. For this reason, you take your business, and your money elsewhere. Read More »

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