Bing and MSN SEOHardly the day goes by without most of us using Google to search online for the information we’re after. However, for SEO Specialists, self proclaimed SEO Senseis, or even SEO Scientists, going all-in with the browser giant will not be of, uh, optimal benefit to some of your clients. We’re thinking in particular about those online businesses that are established less than five years, as well as those that are small and will remain so but want to maximize their market share. Percentages vary, and there is little argument that Google owns the lion’s share of searches. We’re not advocating that you abandon Google, but ignoring earning relatively easy market share via Bing and MSN is like leaving money on the table. Don’t. Do. It.

The argument here is that it is far easier for smaller clients to appear like goliaths and rank well on Bing and MSN even if these browsers own smaller pieces of the overall pie. It is the big fish in the small pond analogy, but consider this: is it not more important to be noticed somewhere than not to be noticed at all? Also getting found on Bing and MSN will lead to eventually ranking higher on Google as you’ll be establishing your online reputation, one you can port to the big G in time.

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Obtain Balance to Achieve Success

Be aware that the optimization strategy for these sites is not the same as for Google. That’s because MSN’s algorithm differs from its peers. For example, to rank well on this contender, the subject site must be readily ‘spiderable’ and also is not opposed to keyword stuffing as Google. A balance must be struck so as not to have a site banned by the giant while currying the favor of its smaller competitor. Metas figure hugely in MSN’s algorithm so pay close attention and make sure that every character counts.

With Bing, your mission is clearly laid out for you. Access Bing’s SEO Analyzer. It will assess the site slated for optimization and return a suggestion list of potential improvements to rank higher. The trick, as mentioned earlier, is not to displace or displease mighty Google whose bots will quickly realize what you’re up to and possibly penalize the site. The solution is to have a confidential conversation with the digital marketing professionals at Active Web Group. We’ve decades of collective experience and know how to strike a balance between optimizing for different browsers without losing hard earned optimization gains.

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