Scalable Web DesignMost online business owners will be familiar with the term, “scalable web design”. Or are they? The Digital Marketing field keeps evolving and our terminology soon follows. Having a scalable website used to mean it could be adjusted to handle more traffic. Said traffic would be sourced from search engines, ride in on inbound links, blogs such as this, remarketing ads, et. al. But harvesting traffic pertains more to SEO, Social Media, and Pay Per Click initiatives. Today we are talking about your website’s ability to handle traffic from a myriad of sources, some of which have yet to be developed. In this article we’ll post a roundup of considerations that today’s most nimble and capable websites incorporate which makes them well-positioned for whatever the near future holds for eCommerce.

In Digital Marketing being flexible is paramount. This means not only must everyone in the back office keep up with industry trends, but also to stay ahead of the curve. An example is a scrolling website. Viewed on a desktop this popular technique is impressive. Viewed on smaller screens however, the text had better scale along with the images AND transitions including diagonals transform smoothly. Therefore it is not enough that in-house talent possesses more evolved skills and techniques. They must also be willing to understand what their agency’s prospects and clients need from their online businesses. This way the team can promise a positive web design outcome and deliver it.

From a technical standpoint, to have ‘all bases covered’ for every user both visually and functionally means that designers and developers must be fluent in both screen scale and infinite scale techniques. For example: Have you ever seen a website that looked great at home on your desktop but on your tablet the text will not autowrap? Likely it was originally designed in HTML and will not transition well. So it is important to have designers and developers who understand and who are familiar working with SVG (scalable vector graphics) or SVD (single value decomposition) vector graphic applications. Their goal is to produce a fluid, flexible, an adaptable website so every user will have a peak experience both accessing and navigating a website.

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To summarize, today’s scalable web design means that everything must adapt seamlessly to the viewport (or view point depending on your outlook) of whatever device the user is working on. Not only must the display remain visually preserved, but also scale to anticipate users’ needs without lag time. Accomplished and forward-thinking web designers and developers do not have to be Madame Acari with her crystal ball to see where this need is taking them.

To remain steps ahead of the competition, the Design and Development teams at Active Web Group, a leading digital agency on Long Island, NY, are well-versed in providing both screen scale and infinite scale web design solutions for our clients. This way their eCommerce sites will continue to facilitate conversions and increase revenue and ROI now and well into the future. To learn more request a no-cost consultation with our team at (800) 978-3417.