Digital Marketing TrendsWhen you are driving, as you accelerate the needle on the speedometer moves from left to right or zero to the threshold of the speed limit. In Digital Marketing our client success is measured much the same way: it is all about ‘moving the needle’. And, how fast or how slow a business’ digital marketing campaigns gains traction has a great deal to do with the tactics and strategies utilized to meet our individual client’s goals. Let’s talk more about the current marketing trends every business needs to be both aware of and implementing to gain market share and remain competitive. Let’s talk AI, how it should be utilized and by whom, Personalization, Programmatic Advertisements, Influencer Marketing, and get on the bandwagon already, Video Marketing. Here we go…

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence has been around since the 80s, however, applied to online initiatives it can prove quite lucrative if you understand its purpose and value to your business. Digital Marketers harness AI to analyze search and therefore consumer behavior patterns to locate the products and services they need online. Since at the same time AI collects data, it can assist sales funnel processes, such as improving customer service. It has been projected by numerous industry observers that companies that adopt AI, at least in part, will save money on the cost of doing business, and accelerate their business growth.


Remember the first time you logged into an online account, perhaps with a major retailer, and that big box giant greeted you by name and provided you with detailed account information at your fingertips? Maybe at first it seemed a little Big Brother-ish, but today everyone has gotten on board. We like it. Personalization can make relative newcomers to your site feel right at home and that comfort level will inspire consumer confidence. It is a great step in the direction to build a loyal customer base and to extend your brand’s reach

Programmatic Advertising

Another use for AI is to automate ad buying to target specific audiences. It drills down to assist businesses to gain the maximum value for their spend. An example of programmatic advertising are the auctions that feature real-time bidding. This technique is more efficient and faster than conventional bidding which usually translates into increased profit through higher conversions yet lower acquisition costs per customer. Disinterested? Well, here’s a choice metric for you: eMarketer believes that nationwide by this time next year that 90% of digital display ads will be programmatic driven.

Influencer Marketing

Turns out trust is something money can buy. Online businesses around the globe are discovering that Influencer Marketing (essentially word of mouth from a believable source) can be more effective than taking a shotgun approach and marketing directly to a large group of consumers. Social Media is an excellent example of targeted communication that inspires trust. While some businesses hire celebrities to sing their praises on their Social Media pages, others turn to real people. Why? Just remember the last time you wanted to try a new restaurant that no one in your circle had visited. Did you turn to reviews on sites such as Yelp, Opentable, even TripAdvisor to learn what your neighbors and members of your community thought about it? Of course you did. Influencer marketing continues to evolve and its benefit to your business could be substantial.

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Video Marketing

…can no longer be ignored by online businesses who want a successful digital marketing strategy in place. Just like the widespread acceptance and paradigm shift to mobile a few years back, nothing engages prospects and customers like video. Here are some metrics to back that statement:

  • According to Forbes, After viewing a video, 65% of decision makers will visit the marketer’s website and almost 40% will make direct contact with the video’s vendor.
  • A survey by consumer advocate Wyzowl noted that 72% of the online businesses polled stated that video has improved their site’s overall conversion rate. 

When video first became prominent some five years ago, many businesses were left off due to the sometimes high cost to produce videos. Cell phone advances have removed that barrier and its related expenses. Also, thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), which processes closed captions and can even transcribe video audio tracks to make them scannable by search engine bots, video has become search-friendly. Video Blogs (Vlogs) are another way to reach prospects and consumers with relevant content. Vlogs are fresh, new, authentic, and, just like blogs, can be monetized with product placements and other vehicles to further benefit your online business. 

None of these trending techniques are “so easy an intern can do it”. In fact, each requires knowledge, experience, due diligence and careful monitoring and reporting to succeed. At Active Web Group, our team partners with your business to ensure the most positive outcome possible. We make helping you to achieve your business goals our primary goal. For a confidential discussion about your online business requirements, please contact me at (800) 978-3417 today!