Digital Marketing Case Studies

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Successful online business owners recognize that without a solid Search Engine Optimization strategy to create and expand their web presence, that their business is virtually invisible to new business prospects. As with many of our internet marketing strategies, a successful online SEO campaign becomes collaboration between AWG and our clients. We access their requirements, and ask questions (Example: Is your business local, national or international?) and chart a course that includes initiatives slated to achieve their goals. Initiatives are likely to include but are no means limited to content development and link-building services. Fully accessible to our clients and accountable for our actions, we post measurable results and remediate any unforeseen issues that arise to stay on course.

Measurable Results, Accountable Actions

Ideally, the AWG/client business relationship begins when we are approached to design and build a new website for an existing online enterprise. Creating a fresh online perspective for our clients that dovetail with current SEO industry standards will facilitate achieving stated goals but is not a prerequisite. For those clients who do opt for a new web design, it is intended to be as SEO-compatible as possible to facilitate the success of our campaign initiatives.

Two key factors will determine the foundation for every solid optimization campaign: our clients’ goals and objectives. Is the site used for lead generation? Is their website an e-commerce site? Our clients have approached us with challenges associated with building their online business into a revenue rainmaker, one that gains, retains and grows their market share to its fullest possible capacity.

We offer a select group of ongoing SEO campaign case studies and invite you to review them. You may see a scenario similar to your businesses however; we take an individual approach to each client’s online enterprise. Once you realize the necessity of a workable, adaptable, responsible and highly effective search engine optimization campaign for your business, we’ll be glad to help you to achieve it. Give us a call at (800) 978-3417.