Pay Per Click Advertising

Value of Small Business Marketing

March 14th, 2012

Marketing should never be looked at as an expense. Over time, if marketing is costing your company money, then you need to rework your strategy. Marketing, by definition, is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services. This definition is not ambiguous. So often, small business owners seem to not fully understand the value of marketing. The vast majority of big businesses get it and in many cases, good marketing strategy is part of what made them big in the first place.

How Does SEM Differ from SEO?

March 8th, 2012

Search engine marketing is a great way to make money online. Making money from an online store, blog or a website depends on being found within a search engine. Search engine marketing, also known as SEM, allows people to get traffic from search engines very quickly. However, this is a little different than using traditional Search Engine Optimization.

Successful PPC Campaigns Take Time

February 17th, 2012

How many times have you been successful without a little time and effort? I would venture to say not many times. Like most everything else, successful PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns are the same, they take time and effort. If you’re not prepared to focus on PPC and put in the time it takes to succeed, then you’re setting yourself up for failure.

The Importance of Hiring a Professional Marketing Company to Handle Your Pay-Per-Click Campaigns

February 14th, 2012

Inexperienced Pay-Per-Click (PPC) users might as well drive by the search engine headquarters and just throw their cash out the window. In this economy, companies are trying to absorb tasks in house that under better financial circumstances, they would not attempt. It is a big mistake to have an in house inexperienced employee to work on your PPC campaigns and it can mean the difference of thousands of dollars.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Pay-Per-Click Advertising

February 1st, 2012

With PPC marketing there is a small initial investment. Most of the search engines do not charge a set-up fee. If they do, it is minimal to place and run your ads. The only cost involved is the actual cost if someone clicks on your ad and visits your website.

A Guide To Pay Per Click Advertising

January 31st, 2012

Many are on the search for more affordable ways to advertise via the web. For any business whether large or small, getting ahead and keeping a competitive edge in today’s market takes strategy and “know how.” Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a great avenue if you want to achieve this goal. Having a guide to help you learn the ins and outs of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) isn’t such a bad idea either. Therefore, once you learn the basics, you’ll be on your way to better advertising.

Hands on PPC Management

January 30th, 2012

Pay per click advertising is a very effective way of marketing your products or services but it requires a lot of hands on management and strategies. One can very quickly spend a lot of money and have very little conversions to show for it. Over the last 6 years I have learned many techniques to help customers get the maximum ROI. Below are a few tips to help you get the most out of your pay per click marketing campaigns.

Utilizing Pay Per Click’s Tools

January 27th, 2012

Pay Per Click advertising, a form of Internet Marketing, has become a phenomenon within the corporate world. This form of advertising is constantly being upgraded as the Internet’s business climate grows more competitive daily. Google Adwords Pay Per Click advertising tool is a very useful guide that estimates potential traffic to your site.

The Challenges of Pay Per Click Advertising

January 26th, 2012

We all know that Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC) can be a highly effective form of Internet Marketing with proven results. However, it doesn’t come without its own set of challenges. There are a few things you should keep an eye on when dealing with PPC campaigns in order to make the most you can out of this marketing arena: account structure, completion and bidding as well as how your ads are written.

New Customer Acquisition

November 22nd, 2011

New customer acquisition is the driver of business growth. In order to expand your business you can do a few things. You can sell more to your existing customer base. You can raise your prices, or you can go find new customers. The 64 million dollar questions are where and how? The answer is simple, online search. You are the best person that understands your customers. You know what they do, and what they need. Now you need to figure out what they search for so you can get in front of them at the right time. You need to give your business a fighting chance to win that new customer.

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